Oncology Experience Project

Service Design · Research
Bridgeable Designership Summer 2012


As part of my summer internship at Bridgeable (formerly known as Cooler Solutions), I had the opportunity to work on the Oncology Experience Project, which was a study to understand the experience of breast and prostate cancer patients with a particular focus on the process of information exchange and treatment decision making.


Working in collaboration with Oksana Kachur and Jen Recknagel, our research approaches included literature reviews and interviews with patients, healthcare providers, and experts. We synethsized the research data and translated it into insights. As the team's designer, I then visualized our research findings into patient journey maps.


Key touch points, influences, insights, and the patient's mind state were identified and mapped against a timeline. The patient journey map — along with other research outcomes — was presented and used for a facilitated ideation workshop. Through this project, I learned about facilitation and design research techniques, through the lens of patient-centred care.




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