Hi! I’m Sally, a Canadian designer based in New York City.

My career so far has been focused on digital product development, partnering closely with cross-functional peers to define, develop, and iterate. I believe great user experiences must not solely be focused on the people who use it, but must also thoughtfully consider the experiences of those who deliver and support it.

My background in industrial design heavily influences my interest in designing where digital and physical products, spaces, and services intersect to form integrated experiences.

I’m often questioning why something is the way it is — you’ll find me helping teams reframe problems to focus on work that matters and thinking of ways to improve how we can work better together.

Currently I’m a Product Designer at WeWork, working on technology and services that support Real Estate and Development. Previously, I was at Spotify building Ad Studio, a self-service advertising platform.

I’m always looking to collaborate with awesome people on interesting projects. Please get in touch!